Academic Perfomance

The school ensures that student should pass their examinations in high performance in order to meet the average of the school of 45. For those students who will not meet this average at the end of the year should not allowed to proceed with the next class in this school.He/she should find another school with the average obtained.
To meet this goal all teachers should finish all topics of the entire class at the end of August of each year.From there they start to make revision by using different questions from the national past papers and books in order to make students more aware of the topics and knows how to answer questions concern different topics.Apart from that every month students they sit for monthly examination which help teachers to know weakness and strength of their students and find ways to deal with those weakness by using extra time to teach those students who have low capacity of understanding.Also form two and form four they usually return school early in june for extra class teaching in order to prepare them for national examination.