Application Information

We wishes to provide the following information for those who wants to joining form one academic year 2016.
Click the link to download Application form

(a)You should take application form which cost non refundable Tshs 15000/= at school and at our centres in order to sit for entrance interview test which will take place at school and other centers arround the country on saturday in second week of october at 8:30am for first session.Second session will take place on saturday of the last week of october at 8:30am at school and other centers arround the country.More details are available on the application form available from the begining of August each year.

(b)The list of successful candidates from these entrance interview test will be published at the center where they have attend the test on that day.Acceptance of the chance you have get must be made by the date specified in the joining instructions,otherwise the chance will be withdrawn and becomes available to other applicants.Late applicants may be made but the availability of chance is very doubtful due to school receivess many applications than chance available.The list of all students selected to join the school will be available at school website before the start of the academic year.

(c)There will be some chances available for those who wishes to join Form Two and Form Three with a very limited number of chances. Entrance interview will take place which will cover most of the compulsory subjects for that level. For those applying for Form Three should accompanied by the necessary documentation such as Form Two National Examination Results.The results of the examination will be published at the school websites or noticeboard after 3 days since you have sit for the examination.