Sports are part of our school activities and students are required to engage in atleast one sport in order to be physically and mentally fit. We have play ground designed for different sports such as football,netball,volleyball and basketball. The school undertakes tours in a variety sports to engage in various friendly matches with other schools.


School prepare debate between one class and another in order to improve English Speaking Culture in our school. Apart from that,also we conduct debate with other school in different area around the Region in order to know the strength and weakness of English Speaking to our students.


Form Four graduation in our school is conducted every year,three weeks before they sit for Nationa Examination. This help students to get enough time to prepare for the examinations.Parents or relative are not allowed to bring any food,bits or drinks in school on that day of graduation.School will provides food and drinks to students and their parents. All guest will be investigated at main gate by gurd before they enter in the school compound.