The school laboratory provides necessary facilities with modern and excellent equipments for demonstration and experiments for students at various levels. The laboratories available includes Physics,Chemistry and Biology which are designed according to the required specifications from the Tanzania Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The laboratories provides a venue to the students to work effectively and enable them to understand the various experiments during practical sessions.


The School Library aimed to provides materials to support the teaching and learning for students. The Library is equipped with a collection of books and learning packages in all subjects taught at the school which help teachers and students for further references. Teachers encouraged students to use Library as they can in order to get more knowledge and notes than that provided by teachers in the class. Teachers and students should follow Library regulations as indicated by the school.Library have computer where students can be able to access encyclopedia through encarta program. The Library is connected by camera where the Librarian can view all library users(students and teachers) and see or record what they are doing without moving around.


The school have computer classroom equipped with modern computer and all computer accessories required for teaching. It has well experienced ICT teacher who will provide both theory and practical knowledge to the students on how to use computer and its programs. The students will be able to operate a computer and use it to prepare documents,print it and use internet to view their results and access different materials.Also students can read or write an email.