The uses of ICT presents the opportunities to make learning more exciting.The school uses Visual Learning in order to increase students effectiveness and hence understand better the concepts that are taught in class. The science teachers uses video which they have prepared in demonstration of experiment in the laboratory before student start to perform it.In chemistry,Biology and Pyscics subjects,laboratory experiments are stimulated on the computer and can be repeated many times without having to use actual chemicals or equipment.

Also English Literature teachers uses video to demonstrate English books to the students in the classroom after reading the books before teacher start to explain it.In school there is E-BOOK installed in a computer at library and every teacher's office to help them to prepare their lesson electronically in order to make it easy in presentation to the students. This make teacher's to reduce time for drawing diagrams in a blackboard or whiteboard by displaying it on the projector.

The school has facilities such as CD,DVD,Microphone,Camera,Music System,Projector and Computer which facilitates all activities for preparing visual lessons. The visual learning contribute towards health care of both teachers and students because they will no longer be subjected to inhaling the dust from chalk.In addition the teacher will elaborate by using white board with maker pen.