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    The school environment is broadly characterized by its facilities, classrooms,school-based health supports and disciplinary policies and practices.The School boundaries covered by all green good landscape of grass,trees and other vegetations. The school environmentis make up of different gardens bounded by bricks and students can use it for private studies.


    The school provides freedom of worship to all students regardless of their religion.All students are allowed to worship according to their religion without discrimination.There are morning and evening prayer for all students everyday.During that time students will pray according to their religion.

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    School have projects which helps students to get balance diet and also to help those students who suppose to take special diet recommended from doctor.Among of the projects are cows and vegetables in which cows produce milk used for porridge and tea every morning and vegetable which are used in their food.These help school to provide safe milk and vegetable rather than buying it outside to secure the health of students.